About Wildcard Software & ArctechPro

ArtechPro was concieved in early 2013, coming about as a result of the experience one of the company directors had with the complete refurbishment of his own home. His contact with the architects, engineers & contractors over the duration of the project illustrated to him just how complicated & messy construction can be - and that was only a domestic dwelling!

With this in mind, we researched the market and eventually ArctechPro was developed. We still have regular development cycles incorporating feedback on usability and functionality from our users, a process which we think differenciates us from our competition. If you are using the system and would like to speak directly to a senior member of the development team, you can!

It means that the person bringing about the solution hears the problem directly from the user, so nothing gets lost in translation.

To learn more about Wildcard Software please visit our corporate website: http://www.wildcard.ie